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Maren Strack

Performances and Installations

Maren Strack - Performance und Installation

The artist Maren Strack lives in an in-between world. Her artistic interest oscillates between dance and sculpture. For sculptors, hands are the most important part of the body. For Maren Strack it is the feet. Without this part of her body, her artistic concepts are inconceivable. Prepared footwear draws attention to her legs, installative wardrobe deforms her body. The artist often prefers everyday materials, such as rubber, car parts, camping items and women’s hair. These materials are subjected to a stress test that reveals their potential choreographic and sonic usability. From this, Maren Strack develops the choreography of her surreal daydream scenes, which lie in the border area between image and performance. In the best case, a field of creative tension arises, carried by the dynamic presence of the dancer’s body, the staccato of her knee joints as well as the cold material presence of chinking everyday objects.


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