The Breathshow

Airbag couch, 13 accordion bellows, breath sound waves, seat bandoneon
The Breathshow

An oversized airbag couch serves as a stage on which the artist develops an unstable choreography. An instrumental bandoneon outfit winds around her body, producing air sounds reminiscent of breathing waves through movement. The breath waves are electronically amplified and flow into the room as cascades of glissandos and harmonics. Sometimes the staging freezes into a shock-frozen gesture; until fresh waves of breath give the choreography new life.

50 min

Artistic director: Johan Lorbeer
Sound direction, composition: Kerstin Lücker
Stage design: Peter Friedrich
Video: Maren Strack, Osman Ozel, Hiroko Tanahashi
Custom software development: Hiroshi Matoba
Lighting concept: Fabian Bleisch
Photography: Uwe Arens
Costume assistance: Molly Raack

Special thanks for glissandi and harmonics to Wolfgang Bender (violin) and Tomáš Jamník (cello)
Supported with funds from the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg